Segregated Classrooms, Single-Parent Picnics and Overwhelmed Maternity Wards

After Kabul fell to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, Western media assigned the group a new moniker: “Taliban 2.0.” Indeed, the Islamic fundamentalist group that had ruled Afghanistan in the latter half of the ’90s — overseeing a theocratic regime that repressed women, religious minorities and political opponents — promised to form an “open, inclusive Islamic government” and that women were “going to be very active in the society.”

55 Things You Need to Know About Ketanji Brown Jackson

If Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed to the Supreme Court following her four-day hearing, she will achieve two firsts. She would become the first Black woman to sit on the court, bringing the number of women on the panel to four for the first time. She would also be the first justice who had served as a public defender, notable because the judiciary in general draws so heavily from the prosecution side of the courtroom.

Why Democrats Should Become the Party of Medically Assisted Dying

Deborah Armstrong has always cared about the way people die. The New Mexico state representative began her 45-year career in health care looking after terminally ill children as a physical therapist. Outside of work, she took on caregiving roles for several dying family members and friends, “all of whom,” she says, “suffered greatly.” But end-of-life issues became more acutely personal for Armstrong, a Democrat from Albuquerque, when her daughter Erin’s cancer mutated in 2019 and spread to her b

Will D.C. Lead the Way on Vote by Mail?

The District of Columbia’s June 2020 primary was nothing short of a disaster. To minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission, the city abandoned its plan to hold an election the old-fashioned way. It shuttered most of its polling locations, keeping open just 20 full-service vote centers, open to any voter, rather than the 143 precinct-based centers normally in use, and sent every registered eligible voter an application to request an absentee ballot. This left huge jams at vote centers, with

In Ohio, a Special Congressional Race Might Test the Trump Effect

Donald Trump might have left the White House in January, but he is still very much in charge of the Republican Party. In fact, he has positioned himself as something of a kingmaker in this year’s off-cycle elections. Take, for instance, the Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee, Glenn Youngkin. The former private equity executive has tried to subtly distance himself from Trump to win moderate Republicans and Democrats in the D.C. suburbs of northern Virginia, but he’s still had to send dog whistle

DACA allowed her to work on the pandemic frontline, but her status is still uncertain.

Esparza grew up in Durango, Mexico with her mother and younger sister. Just after she finished sixth grade, her mother moved the family to the United States to be with the family’s father, an agricultural worker who the family only saw once every two years. The move was a shock for the 11-year-old: she had just selected a new school for seventh grade and was ready to start her classes. “One random day we were hanging out with some friends and my mom came and picked us up and just said ‘We’re g

Street Harassment Persists Even With Widespread Mask-Wearing

Ava Powchik was having a terrible day. She had just left an emotional doctor’s appointment last December and was crying as she waited on a street corner for an Uber. Soon, a man pulled up in his car. He began shouting sexual comments and invited Powchik into his vehicle. “My first thought was, ‘Really? Now? You see a young woman crying alone and you think now is a good time to sexualize and harass her?’ ” said Powchik, a 25-year-old casting assistant. “Luckily, this was broad daylight on a busy

Record £1.1 billion spent on Small Business Saturday

UK small enterprises saw success on Small Business Saturday as shoppers came out in force to support them following an extremely difficult year. Spending at small businesses on the day of the event — Saturday, 5 December — surpassed the billion-pound mark for the first time in the campaign’s eight-year history. Research commissioned by American Express showed that while footfall was down by 2.2 million on last year to 15.4 million, the average spend per person rose by 56 per cent (from £45.42

IPSE’s marketing tips for the self-employed

Marketing should be a key feature of any freelance business. While it may sound daunting if you don’t have experience, in many ways selling your brand is really simple. At its core, marketing is all about relationship building. Seen in this light, you could say all humans are marketeers. Here are five tips on how to market yourself effectively when starting out. Nailing down a focused marketing strategy is a crucial first step. There are many frameworks out there on which you can base your bus
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